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Post #3 - Xennials

I have just recently learnt a new word -   Xennial. Xennials are a micro generation born between 1977 and 1985 and fall in between Gen X and the Millennial generation. You will probably identify with many anecdotes from this article in The Independent  - it made me smile!

Another definition for a very similar word xenial, an adjective meaning “giving gifts esp. to strangers”, makes the name of our micro generation especially apt as we have become great at sharing our knowledge with people across the globe. 

Many of the people who read this blog will be from the same generation and therefore we have all grown up sharing our views, lives, marriages, first babies, all on social media. 

Previously, there were mailing lists or links to research sites that we’d have to subscribe to, but no instant way for us to discuss ideas or problems.

The fact that our Xennial generation has been able to post newborn pictures online, from the days when Facebook itself was still a child, obviously comes with its risks, but also so much support. My first sleepless nights, poo explosions, reflux problems, breastfeeding issues, were not only discussed in detail with my NCT girls, but also friends and family who lived abroad. There was so much knowledge at my fingertips, websites, links, blogs. One by one as we have had our children and watched them grow, the Internet has grown with us, and the knowledge we have gained and spread online has encouraged and supported other mothers after us. So this blog is for all you, Xennial mothers, May we make mistakes, learn from them and share them with everybody! If you have any stories, adventures or thoughts you would like to share on Finn&Anny’s blog, please send them in! We would love to hear from you - Just subscribe and send us an email!  

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