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Post #2 - Framily

My last post received so many lovely comments I am overwhelmed and grateful. Thank you. I had a whole post written about honesty, but I just heard some heartbreaking news from a friend. So this is my post dedicated to her. We met about three years ago, and only saw each other maybe once a week for about two years. For the past year, we have lost touch, but when somebody touches your life, you’ll never forget them. This post is about Family and Friends. People have always said that you never get to choose your family, you choose your friends. That, Blood is thicker than water. In other words, Family is more important than friends. I disagree. We left my home, voluntarily, almost 7 years ago. I left my family and all the friends I knew and grew up with. We started a brand new life in KL. The friends I have made here are my family. Framily. I haven’t gotten to choose them, we always just banded together because we lived in the same place or our children went to the same schools or nursery, or we’ve given birth using the same obstetrician! When you live abroad the people you meet everyday are your family. They are my emergency contacts when I fill in forms, they are my blood and the reason I am happy living where I am living. When I am in trouble or feeling sad, I can’t always call my family, although they would travel the world for me. My friends have gone out of their way to help me, encourage me and support me. Our children grow, learn and laugh together When one of your Framily move away a piece of you cries, for you and your children. Since moving to Malaysia, I have learnt so much about myself, I have learnt to adapt to a different culture, I have learnt patience, I have truly learnt what friendship is and how hard it is to keep a friendship going, just as it is a relationship. I believe that everybody that touches your life is for a reason and teaches you something about yourself. How I wish that all the friends we have made and loved throughout our journey could all live together in a massive commune somewhere! I am sure we would all be so happy. Christina - you touched me from the moment we sat and laughed about our “mum buns”. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I hope one day you find it again.

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